About Fratelli Woburn

"Escape to a Little Bit of Italy."

Home is where the heart is...

Where It All Began

Fratelli was formed by three brothers and inspired by their experience with Italian cooking growing up. Carmelo, Mario and Antonio Di Giorgi wanted to recreate the perfection of fresh Italian produce and bring the best parts of Italy to Bedfordshire. The Di Giorgi brothers take pride in using only the finest ingredients, sourced form Italy wherever possible.

  • Casa mia è casa tua: At Fratelli everyone is family. Make yourself cosy and enjoy the ambience within
  • We've Got You: No request is too tricky to cater to, no matter your requirement incredible food shall be received.
  • The Food: Prepared and cooked with all the love hand made produce can offer. Rest assured all food is hearty, fresh and irresistible
  • Award Winning: Recognised as best of the best. These brothers mean business as their well deserved award shows.

What Can I Expect?...

Making The Most of Your Visit

Your time at Fratelli's is likely to feel like a home from home. The delicious food provides warming comfort and the 

  1. 1. Book In: Avoid disappointment and be excited by booking ahead of time. Evenings and weekends are very busy.
  2. 2. Must Try: The oh so popular pizzas are too good to miss! Freshly baked in a pizza oven, this is true Italian at it's best.

Where to find it

Fratelli Woburn Royal Oak, 40 George St...


See You Soon!

During your visit, Fratelli's hope you felt the heart and soul that goes into providing you the best meal possible. Although they'll be sad to see you go, they'll be more than happy to have you back! Don't be a stranger and make sure to book in again for fabulously fresh feast again soon. 

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Royal Oak, 40 George St, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK17 9PY, UK
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Fratelli Woburn from Team Fratelli Woburn

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