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For The Passionate or Those Wanting to Become Professional, Train With World Cup Winning Experts.

If you’re around Lidlington you must drop into The Main Hall @ Lidlington Village Hall and experience Senior Ballet – Taster Session . Since Saturday 5th of November 2022, 0 other explorers have done it and rated it 0 . It’s ideal for those over 11 that are into Ballet,Dance,Kids Activities,- Kids Activities (inherit). It’s already on 1 24301 LifeLists, why not add it to one of yours and share the magic! It can be checked off of one of your LifeLists for only £ 7, a steal for the zeal you’ll feel!


13:00 - 14:00


13:00 - 14:00

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Senior Ballet – Taster Session 6 High St, Lidlington, ...

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Senior Ballet – Taster Session from Decorus Academy

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