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If you’re around a great spot you must drop into The Peace Pagoda and experience Conquer the Willen Labyrinth . Since Monday 11th of July 2022, 0 other explorers have done it and rated it 0 . It’s ideal for those over 18 that are into great things to do. It’s already on 0 24283 LifeLists, why not add it to one of yours and share the magic! It can be checked off of one of your LifeLists for only we don’t have information on the cost or price range at the moment, a steal for the zeal you’ll feel!

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Conquer the Willen Labyrinth 3 Linford Ln, Willen, M...

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"It feels good to be lost in the right direction."

Public Art Project

The Oak Maze

The Willen Labyrinth is a work of public art that was completed in 1988 - it takes inspiration from the Saffron Walden Rosicrucian Maze. In the centre is an oak tree, and in each of the four lobes of the labyrinth are bronze faces designed by sculptor Tim Minett.

The labyrinth's scale isn't fully visible from a standing level, so it's best to take advantage of the hills around the Peace Pagoda to get a good look at the scale of the project - it is worth noting that the grass around this area is cut fairly regularly, and sometimes the fine lines of the Labyrinth may not be fully visible due to the grass's length.

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Conquer the Willen Labyrinth from Matt Cook

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