"Work Your Way Around This Beautiful Country Town, Find All the Darts To Claim Your Hunt Completer Crown!"

Wander, Ponder, Be a Responder

Completing This LifeList

The Explore Woburn LifeList takes you to the best spots Woburn has to offer, where you'll meet some of the friendliest people, see some awe inspiring sights, and get a great dose of life in Woburn. 

Here's how you enter for the prize draw draw of £100.

  1. 1. BOOK - for each venue you visit, book your hunt time by clicking on the relevant Experience above, then hitting the Dart Icon.
  2. 2. VISIT & HUNT - When you arrive, let the staff know you're there for a Dart Hunt, then get stuck into the Dart Hunt!
  3. 3. REPORT THE LOCATIONS - Once you've found all the dart, share their location with the venue. If you're right, and you've found them all, you'll get Checked Out.
  4. 4. CROSS FINGERS & WAIT - Once you're checked out, you're entered! Sit back, enjoy your Dart Hunt memories, plan your next adventure, and wait to see if you're a winner!

The Route

Explore Woburn Village 4 Stops
Explore Woburn Village from Team LifeList

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