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"Experience the power and dynamism of a selection of exceptional 4X4 vehicles"

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Experience the power and dynamism of a selection of exceptional 4X4 vehicles like never before with BIC's all-new off-road experience. Explore different terrains such as sand, rock, hill, and water landscapes as you navigate your way through 32 natural and man-made obstacles. With our expert team of instructors, familiarize yourself with the technologies that make cars such as the Ford Bronco and Nissan Patrol so incredible. Test your driving skills while discovering the capabilities of these vehicles at the first-of-its-kind facility of its kind Middle East.

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Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain
Test your control and driving still at the Off Road Course in Bahrain International Circuit

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Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain

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Y.K. Off-road Driving Experience from Team LifeList

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