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"Enjoy the festive celebrations at St Andrews and take in the Nativity Play on Christmas Eve"


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If you’re around Ampthill Town you must drop into St.Andrew’s Church and experience Enjoy the Nativity Play at St Andrew’s . Since Thursday 10th of November 2022, 0 other explorers have done it and rated it 0 . It’s ideal for those over 18 that are into Community,Christmas. It’s already on 1 24301 LifeLists, why not add it to one of yours and share the magic! It can be checked off of one of your LifeLists for only we don’t have information on the cost or price range at the moment, a steal for the zeal you’ll feel!

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St.Andrew's Church, Ampthill

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Brandreth House, 36A Church St, Ampthill, Bedford MK45 2EW, UK
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Enjoy the Nativity Play at St Andrew’s from Team LifeList

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