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Discover the animal kingdom at Colchester Zoo

From big cats of the savannah to tropical fish who call coral reefs home, you’ll find them all inside Colchester Zoo. Each animal has an innovative enclosure, so when you visit the sun bears you might find them playing on their indoor climbing frame, or you’ll find the orangutans in the branches of their forest! If you love the mystique of big cats, then Colchester Zoo tickets will bring you into the world of lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs. Maybe you want something with a little less bite – then make sure you see the zoo’s monkeys. There’s baboons, lemurs, and tamarins, and apes aplenty, so swing in to see the chimps before you go. It’s safe to say that every animal lover will find a creature they fall in love with during their visit. With a Colchester Zoo ticket, the keys to the animal kingdom are in your hand.

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