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Although a small place, Wine Cellar stocks many forms of wine. The shopping experience is catered to your criteria but advice can also be given if you're less sure on what you're after. Stephen has gone above and beyond when it comes to being environmentally friendly, so rest assured your choices are ethically rewarding.

Not only is the majority of the selection organise, but packaging has been carefully considered. Each glass bottle is recyclable and can be used for refills if taken back to the store. Plus, cardboard box wines are also available for selected options. Have no fear carrying your purchase, as the paper bags have been specially designed to carry the weight of the bottles. These too are recyclable!

The Wine Cellar - Woburn, Market Place, Woburn, Milton Keynes
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Matilda Bay, 18 Market Pl, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK17 9PZ, UK
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