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Engage the world's experience seekers by telling rich stories about your venues and activities.

Increase Direct Bookings

Promote your experience or venue to a highly engaged user group and stand out.

Supercharged Your Exposure

Proactively engage your ideal audience through our platform and promo activities.

Guaranteed Returns

A minimum guaranteed returns where you have 100% control.

Start & Stop Whenever

No ongoing commitment and complete control over what you promote and when.

Choose the Perfect Promo Settings

You have the option to set a Promo Budget and Finder’s Fee on any Story.  Once set, we’ll support you in sharing the rich experience you offer, and get experience seekers into your venue.  These two Story settings can be used together or on their own to get you the maximum impact.

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Promo Budget

Setting a Promo Budget fuels a fully managed content advertising campaign which, depending on your settings, will reach experience seekers on LifeList, across online ad networks, and all of the social platforms.

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Finder's Fee

Setting a Finder's Fee means you incentivise LifeList to get Experience Seekers to book and turn up. W bill you in the month following their visit, after you have been paid, and we only bill for those you actually 'Check Out'.

Promote, Profit, Pay Later

How it Works

Stand Out:


Your Story can be enhanced with advanced design tools that are simple to use and quick to learn, giving you the ability to make your Story stand out, capture interest, and generate excitement.

  • Add Video Backgrounds or Create Whole Trailers
  • Use Custom Text to Draw In Your Guests
  • Customise Layouts & How Content is Presented
  • Show The Depth of Your Experience With Child Listings & Content Grids.
  • Remove Ads for Other Listings
  • Get Expert Design Support*
  • Access Media Services* to Tell Your Story With Unique Videos & Images

All settings allow you to get creative and enhance the design, so why not try it out and stand out?

Be Seen:


With optional Promo Budget and Finders Fee, your Story will be given prime position across LifeList and, depending on what you values you set, across online ad networks and all the social platforms. 

  • Promotional Credit Put Directly into Paid Ads to Drive Visibility For You
  • Automatic Placement for Simple, Easy, Low-cost  Bookings 
  • Control of Boost Start & End Dates for Maximum Impact When You Need It
  • Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We can get you seen, and you’re in complete control, why not give it a go risk free?

Frequently asked questions

Promoting with LifeList gets you all the tools and support you need to enhance your story, get it in front of experience seekers, and get bookings.  Depending on your settings, we’ll get you in front of Experience Seekers on LifeList, through online ad networks, and on all the social networks.

Working with LifeList not only allows you to get greater control over how your story is told online, but you can promote and get Experience seeker attention within the LifeList on external sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and targeted Display ads while you potential guests are browsing their favourite websites, sharing YouTube videos, checking their Gmail account or using mobile devices and apps.

While we promote globally and position you well for anyone searching for things to do in the area you are located, we focus our efforts on bringing you high value guests that live within your drive market; the area around your location that people can make in a day trip.   These guests have the highest potential to become repeat visitors, are just outside the reach of your existing marketing channels, and are usually higher spending.  Plus the Stories they share to their friends about their experience is more likely to convert to more guests for you in the short term.

Whilst trying to grow a new local dance school, the founders of LifeList struggled to balance the day-to-day activities of running a service business with the right amount of promotional activity to grow the school, growth stalled until we built ways to connect with people who were Passionate about what we did in the Area we operated in.   We realised there were lots of similar business struggling with the same issues, we helped them too, and LifeList was born!

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