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"Discover furnishings that make your home a happier place."

How it all Began

"Like turning up to a party in the same dress..."

Alan and his wife struggled finding furnishings which were unique and became fed up discovering the same furniture found in many homes. By restricting homes options it also limited personality, "It was like turning up to a party in the same dress" with minimal option for individuality. However, the couple founded Zoohaus 6 years ago, with an ambition which made a difference. 

Customers really are spoilt for choice, with rooms full of bespoke items to admire.

  • Over 80 suppliers from all over the world. They source many products from the UK
  • Top quality items which everyone at Zoohaus takes pride in.
  • They support independent manufacturers and source new stock frequently.
  • Find the perfect piece which reflects your personality and style.

Team LifeList

"Discover furnishings that make your home a happier place"

What Can I Expect?

Making The Most Of Your Visit

Looking for new furnishings for your home can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. Browsing through the captivating rooms is an experience not to be rushed. Want to make the most of your time at Zoohaus? Find out how:

  1. 1. Take your time: Soak up the scene in front of you. Notice wonderful small details and appreciate their big impact.
  2. 2. Ask questions: Want information on a particular item? Staff are happy to help you gain answers and inspire your thoughts.
  3. 3. Enjoy yourself: Rest assured you get what you see. No hard selling or overpricing. The items really sell themselves.
  4. 4. Everyone welcome: You’re going to be telling your friends and family about this, so bring them along. Children and dogs are warmly welcomed

Where to find it

Zoohause Ground Floor, Old, Town...

Why you'll be keen to revisit..

See You Again Soon

Items and displays are regularly changing, meaning no two visits are the same! Zoohaus takes pride in personality, and changing things ups allow for exciting variety. You never know what to expect, just know Zoohaus cannot wait until you visit next!


Find Us:
Ground Floor, Old, Town Hall Market Place, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK17 9PZ, UK
Zoohause from Team LifeList

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