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"Broaden Your Mind and Take Your Time With the Barber Torpedo."


The Experience

Break away from the day-to-day and settling in for a relaxing, indulgent, rich smoking  journey with one of the prides of the Dominican Republic, brought to you from the experts at ParkerJames.   This medium strength beauty will keep you entertained and your senses stimulated for up to 80 minutes; so settle in, get some of the gang together, and let the Barber Torpedo take you away.

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1. Barber Torpedo

Medium Strength - 80 mins - From Dominican Republic Puro.  Intricate Helix pattern wrapper that delivers an interesting smoking experience.

The Green Man, Church End, Eversholt, Milton Keynes


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The Green Man, Church End, Eversholt, Milton Keynes
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Tune Out and Take on the Torpedo from ParkerJames

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