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"Take a pit stop at Lewis Merthyr Colliery and enjoy an underground tour"


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A Welsh Coal Mining Experience at Rhondda Heritage Park allows you to visit an authentic coal mine in the South Wales Valleys. Discover the international story of Welsh coal and the people who made it a global business. You'll also learn about Lewis Merthyr, the owner who wrote the first one million pound cheque, and how the mine has connections with the RMS Titanic. If you're feeling hungry, head to Café Bracchi. The café recognises and celebrates the impact of the Italian community who moved to the South Wales Valleys from their native homeland in Bardi and surrounding areas at the turn of the 20th Century. After something savoury, turn your tastebuds toward the award-winning Chocolate House on-site. Home to fine chocolates, they offer bespoke and VIP chocolate tasting and making sessions.

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The Black Gold Underground Experience from Team LifeList

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