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"Outsmart "The Cell" in this thrilling puzzle-based escape room"


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Do the time without committing the crime with tickets for The Cell Escape Room at Shrewsbury Prison. Upon entry, you are escorted to your jail cell by an actual prison guard, who explains your mission: you're part of a criminal gang convicted for armed bank robbery. In order to negotiate a lesser sentence, you must snitch on your leader – who happens to be joining you in your cell in exactly one hour. The pressure is on to escape your cell before time is up! Complete with a quick change into an orange jumpsuit, this fully-immersive prison escape room experience quenches your curiosity about life in jail – if only for an hour – and features engaging puzzle games to solve for players of all levels and abilities. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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The Dana SY1 2HP


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Shrewsbury Prison: The Cell Escape Room from Team LifeList

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