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"Explore Glasgow's romantic side by phone, following clues and solving riddles"


The Experience

Embark on a quest where you will discover Glasgow's connection to romance. Solve clues and unlock stories on your phone, as you discover the River Clyde, Wincher’s Stance, and lesser-known places. The story unfolds after solving each challenge and exact directions on your phone will guide you to the next location. Ready for an adventure? Here's a sneak peek to the storyline: “You’re Graham, and today marks your fifteenth first date… this month. You’ve got a problem with dates; they feel forced, unnatural. It’s not that you’re too shy to speak to women – most of your friends are women. But if it’s a woman you fancy, your hands shake, your throat dries up, and the words come out in awkward bursts”. The city game starts at Southern Necropolis. It will take you around one hour to complete and you can also explore at your own pace: pause the game and resume anytime from the location where you paused it. You will finish at Winchers' Stance.

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Southern Necropolis, 305 Caledonia Road

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305 Caledonia Rd, Glasgow G5 0JQ, UK
Romantic Glasgow City Exploration Game from Team LifeList

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