A local favourite that just keeps on giving.

Formerly known as Extreme Team Challenge, Raft Racers is a popular ride located in the DUPLO Valley at Legoland Windsor Resort. Though the ride's former name implies team challenge, the ride is nothing related to a challenge, and except for the fact that two individuals can take the ride at one time, there is no team aspect involved as well. So, Raft Racers happens to be a suitable name for this ride, and on your trip to Legoland Windsor park, this is definitely one ride you shouldn't miss. Raft Racers is basically a chute ride, where water keeps flowing at a faster pace in the two chutes present - in blue and yellow colors - and people will climb aboard 2-seater dinghies at the starting point of the ride, which is situated at the top. We know that kids absolutely love water, and this amazing ride lets you enjoy getting drenched in water along with your kid. Climb on a dinghy, with your little one seated in front of you, between your legs, and brace yourself for a fast and wet ride as soon as the inflatable dinghy goes down through one of the chutes. Wait for some unexpected and thrilling turns on your way down, and while the whole ride might seem a bit short, it is nevertheless fast and wet. Whether your little girl is a big Little Red Riding Hood fan or your little man is a sucker for Three Little Pigs, there is something for everyone in the family. What makes these shows really stand out is the proficiency of the LEGOLAND Windsor StoryTeller and the narrator, whose charisma takes you along the story as one of the characters.

Where to find it

Raft Racers Unnamed Road, Windsor S...