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"Whether you're looking for pounding music, themed events, or family- and kids-friendly entertainment, this venue has got you covered"

Entertainment All Year Round

What looks like a flat area of land transforms into an area of entertainment several times a year when a lot of yearly and new events are hosted on the Events Plateau. From singing to dancing to kids’ carnival, the venue offers different kinds of entertainment all year round.


Campbell Park is open at all times and provides access to the Events Plateau

To access the venue during events, you need tickets for the respective event

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The Events Plateau Avebury Blvd, Milton Ke...


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Avebury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 4AJ, UK
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Experiences at the Events Plateau

For Parties

Let loose the partier in you for the biggest party of the year - The Big 90's Festival

For Beer Lovers

Get ready to party Bavarian Style! – Oktoberfest Milton Keynes

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