A local favourite that just keeps on giving.

As Johnny Thunder tries to rescue Miss Pippin Reed from Sam Sinister, your little daredevils get the opportunity to turn into adventure heroes and help Johnny Thunder succeed in his mission. Get onboard a desert off-roader and use your laser gun to get rid of the bag guys, as you explore the secrets of ancient Egypt. This is a dark ride, the only one in the Legoland Windsor park, and also one of the few dark rides in the whole of the UK, which makes it a must-try and highly popular one. Each of the desert off-roaders can accommodate 4 riders, which means you can get in and enjoy the fun as a family. Each of you will have a laser gun of your own to fight the bad guys, and remember, you will be given points based on your shooting skills, and your points will be displayed at the end of the ride. So, this isn't just a ride, but a competition to find out which one of you is the best adventure hero. You can also get a souvenir photo after the ride ends, of course for an additional charge.

Where to find it

Laser Raiders Windsor SL4 4AY...