A local favourite that just keeps on giving.

Would you say no to taking a ride around the fantasy land of your favorite fairy tales? What if you could give that experience to your kids? While you watch their faces fill with joy and never-ending smile, they will have a fantastic time watching the scenes of their most favorite fairy tales. Of course, this is possible only in Legoland Windsor, at the Fairy Tale Brook. The venue will take you on a gentle boat trip through a fairytale forest where you will come across various tales of magical creatures, princesses, and more, everything built using LEGO bricks. This ride is made to entertain the whole family, as children less than 1.3m in height should be accompanied by a parent. During your boat trip, some of the scenes you will come across are from the fairy tales - the Three Bears, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Cinderella. You will board cute-looking green colored boats, each of which can carry four people, and will drift around a water channel across several fairy tale models, some moving and making sounds, and everything made from LEGOs, of course.

Where to find it

Fairy Tale Brook Windsor SL4 4AY...