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"Both athletic and artistic in one discipline, Dance Acro develops flexibility, strength, balance, and tumbling abilities along with self-confidence and self-esteem."

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Dance Acro

Through leading techniques and expert guidance you will can learn new acrobatic dance skills and develop existing talents to whole new levels.

  1. 1. Develop balance and coordination to find your center and build confidence.
  2. 2. Build your core strength and awareness of your body positioning.
  3. 3. Progressively work through Acrobatic dance techniques in a safe controlled environment.
  4. 4. Master stands, cartwheels, aerials, and walkovers, performing them in choreographed dances.

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1. Personal Focus & Feedback Session

After the main class, enjoy a 20 minute one-to-one session with our experts to work on personal focus areas and receive feedback.

2. Air Track Session

Apply what you've learnt in the main session on the inflatable Air Track in a private 15 minute session

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Available to book immediately

Running several times per week, and through private lessons arranged at a mutually convenient time, we're sure to have a time and coaching format to suit.  Group sessions are available at the following times:

  • Monday Evenings 4.30pm
  • Thursday Evenings 6.15pm
  • Saturday Afternoon 2.30pm


Best for kids & teens

Dance Acro is suitable for all levels of experience and for school age children and above

  1. 1. Good for children who want to work on body control and coordination
  2. 2. Great for anyone wanting to advance in competition in Dance Acro style
  3. 3. Ideal for anyone who has a passion for Dance and Acrobatics
6 High St, Lidlington, Bedford MK43 0RN, UK

The Fine Print

Before you arrive

Before your selected session time ensure you have registered online using the link below.

  • You should come ready for class, wearing leggings and a fitted top that will not rise up during movement.
  • You will learn in bare feet so specialist footwear is not required.

Health & Safety

Keeping You Safe

We take every precaution to maintain a safe and clean environment for staff and students.  We're taking the following steps for each class:

  1. 1. One way movement through venue (entrance at front and exit at rear)
  2. 2. Track and Trace from class list
  3. 3. Minimal social distance marking on dance floor
  4. 4. Hand sanitiser available for use pre and post class


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