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"Explore Edinburgh's underworld with this guided tour on the city's gruesome past"


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It's a side of Edinburgh few get to see, but under those bustling streets is a whole new, dark, eerie world! This guided tour sheds light on the Scottish capital's rather grizzly past. You'll start on the Royal Mile and pop on an audio headset to better your hear your guide, then it's time to wend your way past wynds and closes, learning a thing or two about the nature of the mysterious alleys that dot the city's most famous road. After learning the meaning of 'gardyloo' and hearing a tale or two about torture, your guide will pose a question... do you believe in ghosts? **Ghostly Tours** takes a supernatural twist as you head to your last destination, the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Step into the depths of the city's oldest vaults and explore cavernous rooms by candlelight. Your guide will weave tales of strange spectres that have been sighted and speculate on whether body snatchers hid their goods in the vaults before selling them on for medical research.

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28 Blair Street EH1 1QR


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Ghostly Tours: Blair Street Underground Vaults from Team LifeList

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