A local favourite that just keeps on giving.

It would be fair to say that Legoland Windsor has left no stones unturned when it comes to letting kids live their dreams and be what they want to be. The Balloon School located in LEGO City is yet another depiction of the same, where your kids get to be young, enthusiastic, and brave explorers ready to discover new lands, piloting their very own hot air balloon. This gentle ride has six gondolas designed as hot air balloons, each holding up to four people, which means you can hop in with your explorer in their air expedition and be their cheerleader. While the ride does the job of slightly raising the gondolas and moving them around in a gentle motion, there is a rope that can be pulled to further rise the balloon in the air by giving it more gas, and this is completely up to your 'pilot'. And when you are among the cloud above LEGO City, don't forget to take in amazing views of the rest of the park.

Where to find it

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