Laura Pendlebury-Bennett, Princple

"Where the dance journey begins, Baby Ballet classes introduce little ones to musicality and coordination while having fun, developing key skills, and building memories."

Magical Memories

The Baby Ballerina Experience

We base our Baby Ballerina experience on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus so as well as having fun and growing as an individual, your child can develop through a proven and world renowned Ballet program.

  1. 1. Fun, enjoyable, and memorable. Your child will not want to leave.
  2. 2. Combines imaginative story telling with early years classical ballet techniques.
  3. 3. Certified by the Royal Academy of Dance, the premier Dance examination board.


Pre-Booking Essential

You can confirm a time to visit during payment, here are slots that Decorus have made available for you to book this experience.

  1. 1. Monday Morning 9.30AM
  2. 2. Saturday Morning 9.30AM
  3. 3. Saturday Morning 9AM

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Make it your own (available at checkout)

1. Fairy Princess Gift Pack

Your own fairy princess wand to take away and practice the magic at home

2. Pirate Gift Pack

Your own pirate kit to take away and continue the swashbuckling at home

3. Superhero Gift pack

Enhance the experience and extend the fun with our Superhero prop pack.

Best for...

Parent and Child

Baby Ballerinas has been crafted for parents and babys from 9 months to around 18 months (or when baby walking).

  1. 1. Boys and Girls between 9 months and walking age
  2. 2. Parents wanting to introduce their child to musicality and develop coordination in a fun environment.
6 High St, Lidlington, Bedford MK43 0RN, UK

Lidlington Village Hall

The Fine Print

Before you arrive

All classes must be pre-booked and students and guardians are asked to arrive at the venue no more than 10 minutes before the class time.

  • Dress in loose comfortable clothing.
  • Uniform can but provided but is not essential for taster classes.

Health & Safety

Keeping You Safe

We take every precaution to maintain a safe and clean environment for staff and students.  We're taking the following steps for each class:

  1. 1. One way movement through venue (entrance at front and exit at rear)
  2. 2. Track and Trace from class list
  3. 3. Minimal social distance marking on dance floor
  4. 4. Hand sanitiser available for use pre and post class

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