Bid in an Featured LifeList Auction


What is a LifeList Auction?

For Featured LifeLists we run an auction every month and allow local Hosts to bid on places in the list of local Moments that fit a certain theme, for example our ‘Eats’ LifeLists promote great local eating experiences and events, and our ‘For Kids’ LifeLists share the best of local kids and Family activities.

How can I get involved?

If you offer experiences of any kind, from fitness class to learning French, you list them for free in our platform, making them available for LifeList Game Players and services by adding a Moment, allowing players to find them through search engines and with our search features, then you can find relevant Featured LifeLists and bid in monthly auctions to promote your Moment to thousands of local users.

What Level of Promotion do I get?

LifeList auctions start at £1 with a minimum bid increment of £1, based on the value of the winning bids we package a promotional campaign to maximise the exposure of the LifeList and the winning Moments that get on it.

At a minimum the LifeList is available online immediately and promoted across social media, and email and text to our users; the winning Moments are also given featured status on LifeList in user searches and category pages.

Usually we have enough value in the winning bids to distribute the Featured LifeList across multiple other channels including print, where the LifeList is distributed in hard copy to hundreds of local points, through dedicated Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns targeting specific user groups, and in posters and flyers around towns and villages.

In addition to being seen in the main LifeList distribution, bidders get the following benefits for bids over certain levels:

  • Winning bids over £250 get a guaranteed 2x return, ensuring they receive £500 worth of bookings, and a professionally produced video produced showcasing the Moment which is published to video sites and streamed to anyone that views your Moment.
  • Winning Bids over £500 receive a dedicated social media campaign promoting the Moment and guaranteed 2x return, ensuring the bidding Host receives £1000 worth of bookings.

What Happens if My Bid Wins?

If you enter a highest bid at the point the auction closes you will have won a place on the Featured LifeList.  In this event, the LifeList team will contact you to arrange time to work on the Moments you want to promote; depending on your winning bid value and LifeList position there will be different content produced to promote your Moment but we’ll walk through this process with you.

Winning bids are fully inclusive of all costs related to production, marketing, and promotion activities; we just need some of your time to get the message and content right then we’re off sharing your amazing Moment with thousands of prospective customers!

When Do I Have to Pay?

You will receive and invoice equal to your bid amount, invoices are due when Moments are published online in the LifeList system.  You will have to clear the invoice before any social media, print, email or SMS marketing begins.  Moments will be removed from the Featured LifeList if payments are outstanding 72 hours after being made available online.

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