All About Featured LifeLists


What is a Featured LifeList?

LifeLists are curated collections of Moments that players can complete to gain points as well as do more of what matters to them and have great experiences.  We actively promote some of these LifeLists across all channels – including social networks, in print, through flyering, and paid search engine adverts – when we do, this is called a Featured LifeList

How Are Featured LifeLists Different From Your Normal LifeLists?

A normal LifeList is either created by a player and shares with other players, or by us at the LifeList Company.  If we create a standard LifeList, we generally build it based on ‘in game’ metrics, like the most popular Moments our users are engaging with for a particular topic.

In the case of the Featured LifeList, which we actively promote across all marketing channels, we allow Hosts (players who provide Moments to other players) to bid on places in the LifeList so they can promote their new, less well known, or yet to be discovered Moments.

All Featured LifeLists have a regular auction that is held to keep the process fair and open.  Bids start at £1 and increment at £1 so it can offer great value exposure for your Events, experience based services, and ticketed attractions.

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