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LifeList for Hosts


What if LifeList for Hosts? LifeList helps people find things to do.  For Hosts it is a way to prompt your experiences and drive awareness and win new business. The most popular content in lifeList is Moments.  A Moment is essentially a post detailing an experience the user can do at your venue. What Makes…(Read More)

What is the LifeList Game? In the LifeList Game, players build experience points (XPs) and earn rewards, including real world experiences, by interacting with Moments that are available in the LifeList platform. Users interact with a LifeList Moment by scheduling it, completing it, sharing it, or reviewing it.  Every Moment interaction leads to XPs being…(Read More)

What is a Featured LifeList? LifeLists are curated collections of Moments that players can complete to gain points as well as do more of what matters to them and have great experiences.  We actively promote some of these LifeLists across all channels – including social networks, in print, through flyering, and paid search engine adverts…(Read More)

All About Moments


What are Moments? Moments capture details about real Events and Experiences that people can get out and do.  We collect every possible experience and make these available for everyone as part of our game and through our services. What can I do with Moments? Moments can be accessed by LifeList players and completed, scheduled, and…(Read More)

Why Sell Tickets through LifeList? LifeList is a rapidly growing real world game where users compete for prizes by capturing and sharing the most Moments, experiences on offer worldwide that are listed within the LifeList platform.  For the Hosts of experiences, LifeList provides a promotional and sales channel to help win new customers, fill quiet…(Read More)

What is a LifeList Auction? For Featured LifeLists we run an auction every month and allow local Hosts to bid on places in the list of local Moments that fit a certain theme, for example our ‘Eats’ LifeLists promote great local eating experiences and events, and our ‘For Kids’ LifeLists share the best of local…(Read More)